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Proudly delivering content daily for Australia's most prestigious news mastheads and sporting organisations:
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Every single video and still image on this website shot and delivered through the system.
Incredibly fast
One delivery or millions: the fastest link in Australia with truly unlimited server scalability.

Fully searchable
Store, search and retrieve your entire content library or keep it securely locked away with AES256.

Fantatic console
Powerful backend with video editing and delivery automation to anywhere including social media.

Easy for non-technical people
Simplest possible user interface so non-professional users can gather the best quality content.

As live
Dropout free delivery in the background, faster than real time whilst continuing to record.

Location aware
View live locations of all your staff and auto-SMS the closest to a breaking news story.

Awesome Desktop Console

Locate and notify journalists or stringers closest to a breaking news event

Mobile devices capture ultra smooth, stabilised 1080p video

Content sent in the background, faster than real time

Custom cloud encoder auto-produces pro packages in seconds

Finished files auto-delivered to broadcast, web and social media

Tag, search and view stats on your entire library
Andy Desktop Console

Tried and tested by media professionals through five years of intense development

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Whether you're the biggest news organisation in the world or a small business looking to get pro quality video delivered instantly to social media, the Andy Grace Media App is the best delivery system available in the world today at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Many of Australia's biggest media names already use the system every day.

Download the app and leave Andy a confidential message through Twitter, or call our team on +61421639237 for a no-obligation trial account with automated stitching of up to three videos, free installation of your own video watermark, and five free deliveries to your nominated email address.

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